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Market Solutions

Energy Solutions That Fit Just Right

Market Solutions from Energy Trust of Oregon make it easy to prioritize energy efficiency in your new construction or major renovation project. 目前, there are flexible incentive packages available for multifamily buildings, restaurants and small office buildings to fit your needs and budget.

Step-by-Step Incentive 工作簿s

工作簿s are available for select Market Solutions packages, with incentive details and requirements specific to the building type and industry. Your Energy Trust outreach manager can work with you to complete your workbook and make the right energy decisions for your project.

Incentive Package Code Year工作簿
Multifamily Incentive Package (2019 code or later)2019Multifamily Incentive 工作簿
Restaurant Incentive Package2019 and 2014Restaurant Incentive 工作簿
Small Multifamily Incentive Package2014Small Multifamily Incentive 工作簿
Large Multifamily Incentive Package2014Large Multifamily Incentive 工作簿
Small Office Incentive Package2014Small Office Incentive Package

Incentives are subject to funding availability and may change.

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Success Stories

Success High School in Woodburn School District, Woodburn

Success High School in Woodburn School District, Woodburn

Estimated Annual Savings: $33,000

Cash Incentives: $76,200

Yellowhawk Tribal Health Center, Pendleton

Yellowhawk Tribal Health Center, Pendleton

Estimated Annual Savings: $58,000